Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What price for a life?

So, I've just completed a First Aid in Education questionnaire for some random student that found me online and found this gem during my research:

Average Secondary School spend per pupil in 2014 - £4,550

At the moment, pupils get no First Aid Training as part of the Curriculum.

If we assume 2 hours First Aid training per pupil per year: Say £100 per class of 30 to bring three Trainers in (at a max 1:12 ratio). That's just over £3 each. 0.06% of the budget. That's Peanuts. So why don't we do it?

How much of that £4,550 goes on, say, Religious Education? Surely £3 off that budget and 2 hours off the RE (RI, whatever) curriculum to save lives rather than souls would be money better spent?

4-year old Suzie calls 999 and saves mum's life


If you have to do CPR on someone, it's more likely that it is someone that you know than someone you don't know. What more of an incentive do we need?

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